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V2 Electronic Cigarette

V2 Cigarette is a radical alternative to traditional cigarettes, which promise a genuine smoking experience without the annoying smoke, ash, tar, and odor, which are characteristics of real cigarettes. V2 is operated by automatic or manual batteries. Its automatic batteries work just like the traditional cigarette, where you just have to puff, and it activates the atomizer and produces vapor mists. Manual battery works with a small button that activates its atomizer and produces thick vapor faster than the automatic battery. Read on and learn about V2 Cigs, and experience an alternative to smoking that’s healthier but still satisfying!

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great battery life for more vaping action
For maximum vaping action, V2 cigs have different products to choose from

Package kit start from $29.95 to $189.95

The Safe Cig E-Cigarette

SafeCig is a safer alternative to traditional smoking. Its creative design is made in the USA and has unique features distinct from other electronic cigarettes, namely their impressive batteries and three mastered flavors. Another feature that you cannot find in other e-cigarettes is its six nicotine strength options, where others typically have four. SafeCig still remains one of the most famous electronic cigarettes in the industry, backed with numerous customer satisfaction reviews. The company offers free shipping, a lifetime e-cig product warranty, and a 30-day money back guarantee. Read our review about SafeCig, try it, and then see the difference!

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Longer battery drain time provides users with 2-3 hours max vaping
Their focus on the battery drain time gives you a longer lasting smoking pleasure.

Package kit start with $69.95 to $137.95

Smoke Tip E-Cigarette

THE Smoketip electronic cigarette is considered to be an innovative e-cig, which has a simple two-piece design and an indicator light at the tip to know when the battery is low. It utilizes a rechargeable 3.5V lithium battery with a capacity that can deliver about 250 puffs or an equivalent of more than one pack of cigarettes. Each cartridge of Smoketip has a new atomizer. It has wide range of its distinctive and impressive fruity flavors. The Smoketip electronic cigarette can bring to a new level of vaping experience that you will always love! Read our review and be convinced.

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Smooth puff in an affordable price
With its Easy drag system it provides a smoother hit on the throat and the price is the cheapest compared to all other e-cigarette

Package kit start from $19.95 to $59.95

South Beach Smoke E-cigarette

The new and improved South Beach Smoke Deluxe E-Cig Starter Kits, atomizers, and SuperMax batteries provide a new and amazing vaping experience. When you prefer satisfying vapor hits, you should choose the new manual switch battery, which can really give you a big, more satisfying drag. With new options available, from the starter kits to batteries, cartomizers to accessories, you will definitely enjoy your vaping experience without the worries of second-hand smoking and health risks due to tobacco cigarette smoking! With its savings packages and Home Delivery Program that leave customers feeling appreciated, South beach Smoke will not disappoint you.

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Longer lasting batteries which produced quality vapor mist
With its SuperMax ™ batteries you are able to create the most satisfying vapor mist that really taste like the real thing

Package kit start from $39.99 to $104.99

Eversmoke e-cigarette

EverSmoke promises that vaping will taste, feel, and look like real cigarettes. It provides you with an excellent experience through its basic starter kit that contains a standard battery, a wall charger, a USB charger, 5 nicotine cartridges, and an owner’s manual. The company offers three other versions of its starter kits. EverSmoke allows the upgrading of starter kits by adding some accessories, such as additional high-capacity batteries, a carrying case, 15 nicotine cartridges, a car charger, mini battery, and more. With its four starter kits to select from, vapers can choose their perfect partner to fit their vaping needs!

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ecigs that's almost like a real cigarette
manual and automatic vapor switch for more vapor control, appears and feels like a real cigarette

Package kit starts from $59.99 - $154.99

Volcano E Cigarette

Volcano electronic cigarettes promise complete satisfaction without the irritating and harmful ash, cigarette smoke, and butts, and you can literally smoke wherever you want such as theaters, bars, restaurants, friends’ houses and the like without being reprimanded. Volcano e-cigs come in three types namely: Volcano, Magma, and Inferno electronic cigarettes. The Volcano version is the standard e-cig while the Magma edition is recommended for experienced vapers because it produces thicker vapor clouds. Its new Inferno e-cig edition features a unique and remarkable battery. Read on, and you will find that Volcano electronic cigarettes offer more benefits to your smokeless experience!

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3 products with different smoking pleasure
Volcano, Magma and Inferno each has different flavors which surpasses one after another. Inferno is the latest release and it's packed a whooping 3 time longer vaping time than Magma

Package kit starts at $22.99 to $99.99

Vapor4Life E-Cigarette

Vapor4Life electronic cigarettes are an economical alternative to traditional cigarettes without the irritating ash, butts, smoke, and tar. Vapor4Life has wider selections of starters, cartomizers, e-liquids, and other accessories that can better your vaping experience from that of other brands in the industry. Vapor4Life has three main types of starter kits: Original Vapor King, Vapor Titan E-Cig, and Classic VK, and each type of starter has other options you can choose that fit your vaping style. Vapor4Life batteries are lithium ion batteries that come as automatic and manual. We encourage you to read our review and learn more about Vapor4Life.

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Wider range of starting kit packages and superior vapor production
Because of its large array of package kit to choose from users can buy what they can afford. Their focus in customer service is unparalled

Package kit start from $27.50 to $105

SmokeStik E-Cigarette

SmokeStik is a radical two-piece electronic cigarette. Its special feature is the combination of the atomizer and cartridge as a single disposable “cartomizer.” SmokeStik has several starter kits from which you can select. They also have various e-cigarette cartomizers and batteries that come in different colors and with different LEDs. SmokeStik utilizes a cartomizer that processes liquid glycerin, propylene, glycol, and some food grade flavorings. SmokeStik promises a safer way to smoke due to the absence of tar, tobacco, and other harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. Read our Review and learn a lot about SmokeStik to help you decide.

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Great tasting and with serious branding
Well endorsed by many celebrities and has attractive and elegant packaging

Package kit start from $79.95- $99.95

Green Smoke E-Cigarette

Green Smoke is one of the best e-cigarette available in the market today. Green Smoke has the taste and feel of a traditional cigarette but without the health problem of produced by tar and the unsociable smoke effect of ordinary cigarette. Green Smoke e-cigarette has a three part mechanism which allows cheap replacement compared with a two part compartment e-cigarette. Because of this you can replace a broken part of Green Smoke cheaply compared to replacing a two piece e-cigarette stick. Because it release vapor which easily disseminate in the air you are now able to continue talking with your non-smoking friend and still take care of your smoking urge.

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Natural tasting and longer lasting E-cigarette
Best natural tasting e-cigarette compared with other brands. Exceptional battery life time.

Package lit starts from $57.99 to $219.99

Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette

Experience Blu Cigs! Blue Cigs brings out the benefits of a “smokeless smoking” experience with its cool seven flavors and nicotine strengths, with no real smoke, no cigarette butts or ashes, and safety from second-hand smoking effects. Blu Cigs’ vapor evaporates within seconds after it is exhaled and does not leave any spots on the teeth, fingers, or clothes. You will enjoy vaping with confidence that it will not leave behind an annoying smell that traditional cigarettes bring to other people and the environment. Blu Cigs is a safe alternative to smoking.

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2 parts, longer lasting e-cigarette
battery lasting for a day, average vapor mist, disposable e-cigarette

Package kits starting from $39.95 to $79.95

ProSmoke E-Cigarette

ProSmoke is a mini electronic cigarette that is different from other Electronic cigarettes. Most make use of propylene glycol, which can cause allergies and throat irritation after constant use, while ProSmoke uses vegetable glycol, creating larger vapor cloud, which in turn produces a smooth taste that users have reported enjoying. It comes in numerous flavors, and its three-part design makes it easy to assemble, or to replace broken parts should the need arise. Like other e-cigarettes, because no secondhand smoke is produced, it is safe to use in places that prohibit smoking, without causing ill effects to people around you.

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3-part, VG based e-cigarette
Cheaper to replace because of its 3 part and much more safer on the throat compared with PG base e-cigarette

Package kit starts from $59.99 to $104.99